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LOL arts: Dark Crusader Mordekaiser REWORK by MAD-project

Discussing the concept alone, I just love this piece for giving Mordekaiser something that fits him extremely well. Those who have read the lore and have taken a good look at him ingame know about his noble stance, the way he walks around reminds of a general (lore) or king (personal observation.) In every skin so far (including the concept for the Dark Crusader skin), Mordekaiser looked just like an extremely armored knight. In this piece however, not only his pose but his entire outfit has the aura of a mighty emperor, both in military ánd physical strength.

The first feature I'd like to discuss is the cape. These days capes are often used for superheroes or fantasy characters to make them seem cooler, here however, with its fur lining it is one of the greatest features to show of his 'royal' nature that I described above, extremely well executed. Things like the ropes, shieldbanner and the tabard hanging down are also features which give this design a so much more medieval feel than the original.

The armor itself has a lot of interesting features. First of all, you were not afraid to go for an asymmetric design (unlike former skins) which turned out surprisingly well. The shoulder guards are gorgeous to look at, especially the red padding/plating on the left is something that keeps catching my eye.

The gauntlets look strong, the cross guard/decoration is nicely applied on them.

From the waist down you have the best examples of the bulky armor you made, this looks like someone just bolted steel plates to some giant's legs. if you stand in his way, he won't raise his mace, He'll just walk over you and crush you in the process. These legs are also nicely assymetric, which suggests a 'strong half' of him, like he'd charge into enemy line with his left shoulder forward for instance. One thing about the legs I'd like to note is your use of spherical shapes. The upper and lower legs ánd his left kneeguard seem to be based on some (stretched out) spherical shape. Even though you have executed it very well, my eye keeps shifting to it. I think it feels odd because in most Mordekaiser skins, there are curved lines, however they are mixed with more straight lines which give his armor pieces a curve in only one dimension. Like in his original skin, the shoulder guards curve over his shoulder, but also have a straight line with the shoulders. Same for his leg guards, they curve around his legs and stay in a straight line (more or less) with his legs. Do note however that this does not break your design, it definitly has its own charm.

The mace is a cool new design for his trusted weapon. Not counting the skins where he is not holding an actual mace this is a way more detailed and visually appealing design than the standard spiked orb.

The helmet and helmet guard MAKE this piece. If I were to print a Garen face out and tape it to my screen on the location where the helmet is now it would work. There would be a (very bulky) Garen looking like the "knight of justice" he always is. However, behind the helmet guard there rests a helmet, a helmet that clearly is hiding the face of something... dark, making the entire paladin-ish suit seem so much more evil. Only two eyes can be seen and they have a glare that gives away what kind of terrible, evil creature is encased within his metal suit, and THAT is what Mordekaiser is all about, well done.

in short on the design part: Amazing work, you portray exactly what this kind of skin should display and if Riot considered doing their original concept, I can simply not see how they would ignore this one.

While looking at this piece I have become increasingly impressed with the level of artistic skills. When I initially looked I thought it was a quick design of the armor, just barely detailed enough so it would make a perfect copy to the 3D model (saving polygons and such). But as I looked the level of detail was way higher than I expected, and exactly high enough for a person clad in plate armor, armor that is supposed to be smooth.
You score the most points here on the beautiful lighting and shadows. As far as I can see it's very realistic and extremely detailed on its own. The overall level of art is not the same as a splash art, but heck, it's better then any concept would ever need. (which is a good thing )

Overall I think this easily the better when compared with the Riot concept of the crusader skin, I truly hope it will reach the Riot skinfactory, and if it does It is a must-buy for any mordekaiser player. Well done!
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